Dundee is home to Scotland’s design museum, V&A Museum of Design as well as the internationally renowned, Dundee Contemporary Arts. I regularly collaborate with curators, artists and designers to supply and install exhibition graphics in Dundee.


From delicately small vinyl lettering for displays to large scale wall graphics, my experience continues to broaden. Knowing which materials are available to meet the standard required is crucial to fulfilling the project requirements. As well as realistic advice for budgets, I also work flexible hours to meet deadlines and surpass expectations.


My ability to produce small lettering accurately is a skill, honed over years. I have learnt which typefaces can be produced more exact than others as well as the flexibility of vinyl films available. Understanding these factors ensures that I can provide information which will make your options clearer. Meticulous application of small vinyl lettering is also a technique which I am competent in.


Supplying and installing large vinyl and printed graphics is a regular part of my service. I understand how to replicate your artwork to how you envisioned it. I’m also happy to provide samples and technical data to avoid any uncertainty for finished products.

I constantly examine displays and exhibition graphics in Dundee’s galleries and farther afield, as I know the effort required to make them. Attention to detail in this environment is expected every time. Wall surfaces can pose challenges for adhesion as well as the longevity of materials. If you require information for your next exhibition’s graphics, contact me and I would be happy to advise.

V&A Museum of Design Dundee: Scottish Design Relay Exhibition
Project Curator: Dr. Mhairi Maxwell
Design Consultants: the design kollektiv
Graphic Designer: Kirsten Ambrogi

Eve Fowler Patriarchal Poetry 2018. Vinyl on wall. Installation view at Dundee Contemporary Arts. Photograph by Ruth Clark.
Santiago Sierra Black Flag 2018. Vinyl on wall. Installation view at Dundee Contemporary Arts.
Mike Kelley Mobile Homestead 2018. Vinyl on wall. Installation view at Dundee Contemporary Arts.