Cluaran Electrics‘ livery design is a good example of how to stand apart from other van graphics in Dundee.

Cluaran’s meaning in Scots Gaelic is thistle. Alan Smith, the proprietor, wanted to symbolise this meaning within his logo. After researching ideas and sketching various options, I suggested a stylised graphic with dual meaning. Incorporating an electrical bolt into the thistle leaves and a negative space spark at the top. Stationery designs were also supplied to complete the overall visual identity for Alan to construct his brand. Alan chose a large and memorable design, thereby increasing recognition from his vehicle livery.

I wanted the livery design to shout out the new logo and van graphics in Dundee and beyond. The bright and bold visuals were a logical solution to create awareness and impact from his new vehicle livery. A segment of the distinctive logo was scaled to the full height of the vehicle and served as a colour divider. The use of the logo’s segment then helps relate the smaller logomark to the overall vehicle livery.

A combination of bright self coloured, high performance vinyl, plus digitally printed vehicle wrap vinyl was applied to make the van get noticed. The business name and contact details were simple and legible, allowing the text to be read easily. Inverting the van colour and using white text for the business name, completed the impactful design.