Leyland National Refurbishment

For decades, Brian Robertson has been bus painting in Dundee.

Painting buses Dundee
Undercoating the roof

Restoring vintage lorries and buses often present special projects. In this case, the bus painting was planned and researched for several weeks.

Coach painting Dundee
Undercoating the cove panels

Gordon Low, owner of the 1982 Leyland National, contacted us to help renovate his single decker. He wanted to restore the bus into the Strathtay Scottish Omnibuses Ltd livery. Celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the former transport company in the north east of Scotland.

Gordon and his team had already prepared all of the panels by repairing and filling defects. The smooth sanding of panels and careful painting of the wheels had also been carried out.

Bus painting in Arbroath
Beginning to gloss the white stripes

Equipped with old photos and memories for reference, we went to work and started with the roof. To achieve a solid finish, the bus painting involved undercoating before two coats of gloss.

Bus painters Dundee
Adding the vinyl graphics (artwork by Andrew Macintosh)

Brushing went into the night to build up coats of orange. Detailing was next, by adding the all around white stripe which also required three coats. Panels were then lettered in vinyl graphics. The graphics matched the original livery. The finishing touch was an authentic lower rear poster, encouraging 1970s folk to hop on and travel.

Bus lettering Dundee
On the Buses

The result dazzled not only passers-by but judges too. The single decker won the Roland Williams award for the best bus at Lathalmond’s Scottish Vintage Bus Museum.

Bus painting in Fife
The award winning Leyland National

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