Glenisla Hotel Exterior Signs

The new owners of Glenisla Hotel were based in London and searched for a signmaker in Angus.

Signwriter in Angus
Situated in the Angus glens

The brief

We spoke on the phone. I visited the hotel following it’s extensive refurbishment. My project brief determined a simple and elegant design for two large signs. The new management also wanted to compliment the character of the historic building. The message had to be clear and easily read in strong sunlight. In addition, the signs had to withstand harsh seasons.

Signmaker in Angus
The aluminium tray – fabricated at over three metres in length


Both the bespoke exterior signs were made using aluminium composite (Dibond) panels. Both signs were cut out of one large sheet panel each, as I try to avoid butted edges whenever possible. These were then prepared and painted with an exterior satin finish. The finish reduced the glare which would reflect off of gloss panels. The stag pictorial and tagline were also hand painted and high performance, matt white vinyl used for maximum durability.

The 3.2m façade sign is a custom made box tray, which comprises of folded edges (returns). The returns were 40mm which protruded the sign face off of the wall. Painted timber batons were screw fixed to the wall, then the tray was slipped over the batons. This ensures no visible fixings and the tray is firmly secured to the stonework.

Sign maker in Arbroath
Framework for strengthening the 3mm thick panel


The freestanding sign panel at 2m by 1.5m is fixed to existing, reclaimed posts and considerably strengthened with painted, timber batons. Care and attention to the wind load is crucial when installing such large panels.

Both the freestanding sign panel and sign tray, as well as the timber posts were delivered to site and installed within one day.

Sign company in Angus
Matt white vinyl and painted stag + tagline

Logo artwork and colours designed by oomph.

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