Carnoustie Bowling Club

Robertsign has specialised in honours boards lettering in Dundee for over thirty years. That’s why Carnoustie Bowling Club, founded in 1875, contacted us for the refurbishment of their five prestigious boards.

Following both off and on site consultations, sample pieces were prepared. This was to gauge the favoured colour of stain which would compliment the club’s interior. We were then commissioned with the restoration of the original boards.

This started with copying all of the content so that each name and date (back to 1875) was replaced on each of the boards. Formatting the layout with twenty millimetres high lettering ensured enough space for future additions. A traditional Roman font was chosen for it’s elegance and legibility.

The preparation of the honours boards involved thorough sanding of the faces and mouldings back to the wood grain. The teak stain was then built up in layers to the desired density. The stain was brushed on with attention to detail around the edges of the face. To create contrast and interest, the mouldings were stained a darker colour which made the faces stand out more. Gold metallic enamel was painted around the routered edges on the mouldings as well as decorative elements at the top. Then, after about two weeks of staining, several coats of yacht varnish were also brushed on.

Once the yacht varnish had hardened, the columns of gold metallic vinyl lettering were cut and weeded. The honours boards lettering was then applied to reinstate over 12o years of history. As well as the club’s new look emblem, crowning each honours board.

We then delivered and installed the boards onto the club’s hall wall in a spacious and light environment. The boards are an immediate focal point when entering the club and easily added to annually.

For more information on how Robertsign can manufacture and letter honours boards in Dundee and surrounding areas, contact me.