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Painted signs in Dundee
6m painted panels fixed beside the nursery’s entrance

Painted signs and lettering were made to promote the ethos of Balgillo Nurseries. Two appear at the entrance of their Ardler Village nursery in Dundee.

Pamela and Kim’s independent nurseries are forward thinking and dynamic. Helping to nurture the children at such an important age. With learning through play at the core of the children’s development. As well as enriching their young minds by engaging them in outdoor activities.

Learning through play

A second, large painted sign would be added to a new fence with the message; Learning Through Play. The first of the fence signs was designed, painted and installed as part of a mural project initiated in 2019. Balgillo Nurseries supported the mural project and Pamela and Kim provided me with two exterior canvases at separate nurseries.

To add interest and grab attention, the words in the messages are intertwined. To begin with, the first sign read; Healthy Mind Happy Environment. Words demonstrating the importance of a safe and trusted space. Leading to a positive mindset for both children and adults alike.

The new fence at the Ardler nursery presented an opportunity to complement the original artwork. New artwork based on mini beasts and letterforms was initially created. Subsequently, it was decided that a similar style to the original would better communicate the values of Balgillo Nurseries.

Painted lettering in Dundee
The lettering was intertwined to promote the message

Painting and lettering

The bright spring colours and Balgillo Bear were adopted for the new painted signs. Paints were mixed to match the original. Aluminium composite panels were ordered. And a pounce pattern was made to transfer the artwork, full scale to the three 8′ by 4′ panels.

Once the three panels were painted to a high gloss finish, it was time to add the lettering. Over several days and many coats, the lettering and illustrations were painted by hand. All made to last in the sunny Dundee climate.

Sign painting shop in Dundee
Bright colours complimented the nursery’s garden

Fixing to the fence

The three adjoining panels measure approximately seven and a half metres. Each sign was counter sunk and screw fixed through the face, before overstickers were applied. The overstickers were then painted to the matching background colour to help disguise the fixings.

Dundee painted signs
The nursery’s original painted sign

Looking onto the busy street in front of the nursery, the signs are admired by the local community and an adjacent primary school nearby. made to make everyone smile.

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