Custom watchmakers, Kartel, wanted a more traditional look for their shop signwriting in St Andrews. Not only to entice potential customers into the store, but also to evoke the craft of hand made products.

I had applied large vinyl graphics to the shop windows when the business opened and supplied signage for the shop over the years. I knew that hand lettering the plywood fascia would compliment the personality of the business as well as the building and historic street. These types of projects are an opportunity to show how hand lettering can still be as valuable today, as it ever was.

The scaled artwork was e-mailed to me and the digital typefaces were enlarged, then transferred to paper patterns. This method is necessary for positioning the artwork exactly to the design. The line drawn patterns were then perforated so I could transfer the lettering accurately onto the fascia.

Colours and finish were challenging to match as Kartel wanted a satin finish for the lettering. Suitable exterior paints were mixed by my merchant and consideration for longevity was crucial. The Pantone colours were closely paired to the paints and I knew that the lettering would require more than one coat. For solid covering on black and dark backgrounds, most colours will require at least two coats.

The shop lettering was reached from my scaffolding, on a cold Sunday morning. This time of the week was preferred as to avoid the busy street’s shoppers.

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