The Ship Inn Signwriting

As a signwriter living near Broughty Ferry, I was asked to hand letter signs for the Ferry’s famous, Ship Inn.

The long established traditional pub is a well known local favourite and their signs required refurbishment. A stone’s throw from the River Tay meant that the new signs had to withstand the harsh marine environment. Especially for the projecting sign which was due a replacement.

A double layered plywood panel was supplied by the joiner at the Ship Inn. I brush painted each side six times with oil based paints and finished in a high gloss black background. All of the exterior  plywood signs which I produce are coated at least five times per side. This ensures that the plywood can have a long term for life outdoors in the Scottish climate.

Sign painting illustration

The rectangular seascape background was then airbrushed and varnished before the illustration was transferred onto the sign faces. As well as the airbrushed sash, the blending of colours with the airbrush adds depth and interest to the sign. Both airbrushed areas were then varnished to change the sprayed colours from a flat finish to high gloss.

All of the sails were coated twice before brush blended along with the ship’s hull. Once each side’s illustration had been filled in with the main colours, the rope and netting details were steadily hand painted.

The Ship lettering was hand drawn and inspired by the original sign’s lettering. Placed inside the sash, the lettering was gilded with 23 carat gold leaf. The gold leaf has a brilliance which will gleam in the sunshine for years to come. Shadowing was then added before another coat of varnish was brushed over the entire illustration and sash for additional protection.

The new double-sided projecting sign required the many layers of paints, due to it’s location on the waterfront. It’ll catch the eye and invite visitors into the pub for many happy gatherings to come.

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