KJ Joinery Transit Graphics

KJ Joinery wanted to grab attention with their van livery in Dundee.

Van graphics in Dundee
Each SWB Transit was lettered with two shades of grey vinyl

Their two vans were in mint condition and deserved a livery which complimented the vehicles.

The business partners also wanted a bespoke design combining the initials of the business name. As with most projects where we begin with a blank slate, I suggested creating a logo. I design distinctive logos which help visual identity for small to medium businesses. The visual identity builds a consistent look through signs, marketing and online presence.

Transit graphics in Dundee
The dovetail joint inside K & J hints at their profession

I wanted to combine the initials but still include a clue as to what the company did. By creating then refining a negative shape between the K and J, this made the form of a dovetail joint. This clue within the logo adds interest and meaning to the graphics, especially on the vans.

Van signs in Dundee
The large logomark leads the reader to the business name

After several meetings to discuss the content and positioning of the van graphics, we decided to use a large, diagonal logomark to make the vans stand out. The objective was to grab attention then lead the reader into the lettering, promoting their name and contact details.

Two shades of grey, high performance vinyls were used on both the black and white vans. I applied each livery within one day, over a weekend and a Monday. This helped ensure that the men both had transport for their busy schedule.

Van lettering in Dundee
The van lettering was completed in one day

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