Priority Care Group

When Priority Care Group chose to alter the colour scheme for their visual identity, they contacted me for advice. All of the vinyl signs in Dundee and nearby care homes were due for refurbishment or replacement.

Interior and exterior signs were transformed over five sites in the north east of Scotland. Utilising panels and fixtures which were in good condition saved time and expense. The signs’ appearance also had to reflect the professionalism and attention to detail that the care service provides. Time was invested into a sophisticated re-design for the signs’ content and placement of the logo.

At their country house in Meigle, the existing, freestanding sign trays and poles were wrapped in vinyl. The original white trays and red poles were prepared by removing the previous vinyl graphics and thoroughly cleaning. High performance, graphite grey metallic vinyl was used to create new looking signage. The durability of this material is proven to remain shaped to the irregular surfaces and tolerate harsh weather conditions.

I also supplied an identical freestanding sign and poles which were installed, as well as new aluminium tray signs beneath each main panel. The lower vinyl signs directed visitors and helped balance the layout for the overall impact on the busy road. The contrasting bright colours of the logo provided impact on the dark grey signs, making them much more visible.

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