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One of the largest vinyl stickers in Dundee

Patersons Skip Hire are waste disposal operators based in Dundee. The owner, Kerr Paterson has continually invested in the business over several years and his site has gradually expanded. A waste shredder was purchased to increase the site’s efficiency.

All types of waste products are dropped into the top of the shredder, from big bucket loads. The waste is filtered through huge rotating teeth, then spat out of the back of the machine. The shredder has a hard life in this environment. Stray objects can fall from the buckets and damage the panels. Therefore, it’s wise to protect the panels.

Vinyl wrap protection

Previous machines in similar environments are wrapped with transparent vinyl. The wrap protects the panels from scrapes and scratches, minimising damage. By reducing the likelihood of the damage to the plant, the resale value is higher.

Kerr was keen to protect his investment and he had an idea. Why not wrap the shredder like the rest of his fleet? Kerr thought, who makes big vinyl stickers in Dundee?

Frankly, I prefer the term; computer-aided, contour cut, adhesive graphics, but I’m always happy to provide vinyl stickers.

Sticky black plastic

Wrapping the entire machine in black vinyl presented options. The transparent vinyl often used for vehicle wraps is thinner than its coloured counterparts. Thinner often means more expensive too. Selecting a robust, yet conformable black vinyl would be essential for the project. As well as being affordable.

I sourced a conformable vehicle wrap vinyl which could be moulded over moderately curved surfaces. Although the majority of the machine’s panels are flat, better protection was achieved. Once wrapped in black, the shredder would appear as a natural member of the fleet.

Measuring the outside box

The rolls of vehicle wrap vinyl are manufactured up to 1520mm width. The largest panels exceeded the roll width size. So, planning where the segments of vinyl would be placed, helped to disguise the overlapped edges.

In total, thirty metres of vinyl was ordered, which was just enough to transform the colour.

Preparing to apply

The shredder was delivered to Smeaton Plant Hire’s premises on the outskirts of Dundee. Graeme Smeaton kindly leant his large, warm shed for the project. This provided enough space to cut the large segments of vinyl off of the rolls. As well as ample space to work around the shredder.

I clean as I go to prevent any extra cleaning, hours ahead. In addition to segmenting each piece as I work. This reduces any mishaps or over estimating when measuring.

The manufacturer’s decals were also removed before the black vinyl was applied.

Bonding time

The air vents at the back of both sides were tackled first. These were too deep and awkwardly shaped, for the vinyl to be moulded into. Carefully measured segments were cut and applied individually to each recessed outlet.

The big vinyl stickers were then positioned on each flat panel before being firmly applied. Each segment was trimmed and heated on all exposed edges. This heating process enables the vinyl to bond securely.

The angled panels near the drop zone are most at risk of damage. These areas had a double skin of vinyl applied. This provided sufficient protection from stray objects, which may scrape the drop zone panels.

Contour cut graphics

Finally, Paterson’s recognisable livery was applied to both large side panels. Not to mention the manufacturer’s replacement decals. Safety instructions were also labelled onto the machine for operatives.

Applying visual branding to a vehicle is a good investment. It’s cost efficient advertising, as well for safety and protection. You can read more about how vehicle graphics can help your business by visiting here.

It’s a wrap

The entire application took me alone, approximately twenty five hours over two days. The end result was fantastic. The shredder lives on site and is hard to miss.

Not only has the vinyl wrap provided protection for the panels, but it also shows that Kerr and his team invest in the business. Taking pride in their equipment and presenting their vehicles professionally.

Interested in discussing how your business can benefit with vinyl stickers in Dundee?

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