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How to use tape for signwriting

Using fine line tape for signwriting

This guide will explain how to use tape for signwriting. It’ll help you work faster when painting signs and letters. To tape or not to tape Some signwriters refuse to use adhesive tapes when painting lettering. In some circumstances, I…

How to sand signs

Go with the grain

The following in-depth guide explains how to sand signs and panels without the use of power tools. Ensuring your oil and water based paint coatings adhere and dry smoothly. Protecting plywood, hardwood, MDF, aluminium, steel, and plastic substrates. Why sanding…

How to clean a lettering brush

How to wash a lettering brush

Knowing how to clean a lettering brush is essential for the care of your brushes. This guide will show you basic steps for cleaning lettering brushes, as well as compact storage. Remove excess paint Once you’ve painted and are ready…