Crag Culture

Logo design for a Perthshire outdoors brand.

Logo design for daring individuals

You’ve managed to capture exactly the feel of how we wish the brand to be portrayed. The logo design provides us with insight for the Crag Culture brand and it’s potential.’

Existing clients, Huffmans are premium drinks suppliers based in Perthshire in the north east of Scotland.

The company stocks and distributes a vast selection of alcoholic and soft drinks. As well as distilling and marketing their own gin, Crag & Tail. To help promote Crag & Tail, a partnering brand was conceived.

Crag Culture is an outdoors activities incentive for winning bottles of Crag & Tail gin. Photographs of the Crag & Tail bottles in remote locations and wild terrain have a chance of winning a prize. Once uploaded to social media, photos featuring the most unusual and adventurous locations have a better chance of winning. Thus, encouraging outdoors enthusiasts to buy and help market the gin.

An energetic identity

The logo design brief was to capture the essence of energy in outdoors pursuits. A visual reference to craggy mountains and wavy waters of the rugged Scottish wilderness was envisaged. The visual identity also had to evoke the experience of fresh air activities through the photographic style, colour scheme and presentation.

The target market is 20-35 year olds with an understanding and appreciation for exquisite gin. In addition to those daring individuals who can connect with outdoors lifestyle brands.

Logo design

Distinctive with direction

After researching the outdoors activities market, movement was evident in visual style. This inspired the compass shape monogram with the company initials. A hint of angled crags and choppy seas was encapsulated in a circle which strengthened the compass concept. And in effect, completing the logomark.

The type was lightly adapted from the (coincidentally named) font, Nevis which customised the lettering. It was important to promote the logomark for ease of recognition and not visually compete with the type. The all caps letters are designed to be read easily at a small size, especially on screens.

As an adaptable logo, it was planned for use mainly on social media channels. The different formats and distinct logomark achieved this.

Colours were inspired by the (sometimes) sunny, mountainous Scottish isles and have a premium, athletic quality. The colour palette is memorable and electrifies the mark. All important for use within avatars on noisy social media platforms.

Planning for the future

The forward strategy for Crag Culture is for the brand to be associated with outdoors pursuits. Plans for partnering with rural leisure facilities, extreme sports organisations and luxury hotels are in the pipeline. In presenting the visual identity, mock-ups were produced to show how the logo and associated visual assets can support the long term recognition of Crag Culture.

With increasing demand for reimagining outdoor spaces for social gatherings, Crag Culture is equipped with the beginning of an exciting visual identity.

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