Emerging Dundee

The Emerging Dundee logo design was presented as mock-up advertisements.

Logo design for improving Dundee

Formed in 2019 by Darryl Gaffney du Plooy, Emerging Dundee is a multi-faceted collaborative. Its active members are from diverse backgrounds, with a shared vision to improve the city. Members network to create better opportunities in communities, focusing on wellbeing and the environment. In addition to learning from each others broad skillsets.

A festival was planned to showcase Emerging Dundee. Inviting speakers, providing practical workshops and bringing communities together. As such, the festival required an identity to promote Emerging Dundee. The visuals would be used on street posters, roll-up banners and social channels.

Graphics were designed to show the possibilities for advertising. As the event and plans for advertising grew, it was apparent that a logo would be vital in helping people to recognise the organisation.

Dundee logo design poster

Street posters would be use across the city to promote the festival.

The ED concept

The Emerging Dundee logo design had to be flexible. The logo would appear predominantly, on an assortment of printed products at different sizes, and in different spaces. The logo would also spark a broader style for Emerging Dundee’s visual brand. One which was vibrant, dynamic and had a visual connection to Dundee.

Through sketching ideas, a recurring concept focused on the initials, E and D. A couple of iterations worked well. Paired with simple to read text, the design began to present options for the wider identity project.

With no immediate rush for the logo design, the ideas were left dormant until Darryl and I discussed a website for Emerging Dundee. I then returned to my sketchbook and reignited the ED logo concept.

Dundee banner design
The examples shown the logo in different formats and settings

Emerging identity

Three triangular shapes build the capital E. The middle triangle is curved at the right corner. This creates a negative shape of a letter D, stencilled from the overall rectangular shape. The clear area cutting through the rectangular shape also resembles a winding river.

With colour, the middle triangle represents the modernising city of Dundee, emerging forward and into the river. The top and bottom triangles represent the green hills opposite the city. These combined meanings interpret the mark with substance and one which is easily recognised.

The text used in the Emerging Dundee logo design was created from scratch. Its simplicity compliments the straight lines of the mark and is flexible in its placement. As well as being legible at small scale. Stock photographs were used in mock-ups for the examples of advertisements. The tagline; Think local, Act global, also added authenticity to the posters. The logomark brought the identity to life and shown how the visuals could develop across different mediums.

This project shows how a logo begins to present a brand, as well as developing a larger identity for advertising.

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