Outdoors Type

Logo design for a Dundee murals project

Outdoors Type is a Dundee based typographic murals project. It’s purpose is to promote positive words and sentiment as typographic art on various walls in Dundee. It’s main ingredients are words, community involvement and fun.

Appealing to all age groups and promoting hand lettering, it was initiated in 2019 as a creative outlet for me. It was also an opportunity to meet new people and reinvigorate neglected areas in Dundee and Broughty Ferry. Engaging others with the joy of hand lettering, the project blossomed and was in need of an identity.

The name of the project together with the visual identity would help in marketing through social channels and a website. The logo would be printed on garments for protecting clothes when painting and may also make the odd appearance in publications.

A regenerative spirit

Most of Outdoors Type’s murals reinvigorated neglected areas in Dundee. Therefore, I wanted the mark to emanate a sense of regeneration.

My original preference for the type was a bouncy, casual script. After exploring ways of drawing the custom lettering, I chose to modify a typeface instead. This was a decision which helped in consistency for the identity, as the font used would also be used as headings on Outdoors Type’s website.

I felt that the Outdoors Type logo should feel energetic and not too stiff. It also had to be instantly recognisable and work at small sizes for use on social media. I considered how textures could be overlayed on the circular mark so that it would appear to have different skins. Just like all of the contrasting surfaces which the murals were painted on.

Many iterations of the OT combination resulted in the juicy, lower case ‘t’ encompassed within the ‘O’. The ‘t’ resembled a splash of paint which was fitting and the ‘O’ symbolised togetherness and renewal. Both core impressions which I felt that the visual identity should convey.

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What the logo achieved

Marketing the project to schools and youth groups was easier with a consistent name and professional identity. This identity shown that the company was reputable and serious about it’s mission. The logo helped through it’s appearance mainly on social media channels, where the stories of mural projects were updated.

Outdoors Type grew into a concept for young individuals to discover and create art in their community. Those visiting the social channels recognised the image, colours and style which bolstered the brand’s perception.

Take a look to see how Outdoors Type’s visual identity formed by visiting here.