Panmure Joinery

Stationery, logo and van graphics were designed for a consistent look.

Panmure Joinery had been trading for nearly five years when owner, Colin Wilson purchased a new van. We’ve been friends for years and I had designed and lettered Colin’s previous van. The original design had served the business and it was time to simplify.

We met and spoke at length about the first few years of the business. We discussed the challenges, Colin’s ideal customer and the type of projects which he wanted to do more of. Talking openly helped both of us realise the direction for the future of the business. I knew then that I’d think of this conversation, whilst creating his new logo and van graphics.

Logo redesign for business
The original logo & redesign

The logo concept

Panmure is an old country estate close to where Colin lives, and the word has significance to him in several ways. The original logo contained a drawing of a barn in the countryside. Depicting the rustic scene with furrowed fields and dusty tracks, conjured up a feeling of a traditional woodworking shop. The concept also appealed to his target market, who were mainly retirees.

The logo deserved a facelift to compliment the new van. A minimal and illustrative style was chosen to convey the concept, which was completely different from competitors. The business’ name and the logo design is simple and memorable.

When sketching variations of the logo’s illustration, I began reducing the noise, both in the sky and foreground. Removing the clouds and lines sparked ideas for a shape to contain the new illustration. I liked the fields which rolled into the focal point of the barn and emphasised these. The woodwork shop concept was still recognisable, and the drawing was cleaner overall.

 Throughout the re-drawing, I was selecting fonts which would complement the illustration. The original font was decorative and now, over the top. A simpler selection was preferred but still, a font with character. I reduced my selection to two fonts and would discuss which one was most suitable.

Logo graphics on van
Minimal van livery

Simplified and distinctive

After a few final tweaks, I was happy to present the options to Colin. Our logical approach to the logo and van graphics was influenced from the conversation weeks earlier. Keeping in mind who the target audience was, and what we were trying to convey from the revised design. Reducing the van graphics and streamlining details of the illustration, helped modernise the look and feel of the new identity.

Defining these objectives at the beginning of the project was key to its success. Colin and I were both happy with the result and he’s still asked about the countryside barn.

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