Scrap Antics

The business logo was used on wall signs made from aluminium composite panels.

Logo design for a Dundee social enterprise

Dundee social enterprise, Scrap Antics operate from a small, two storey warehouse in the centre of the city. The premises is an Aladdin’s cave of unusual and often puzzling items.

Amongst several services, the business’ core speciality is converting industry excess products and waste into items for arts, crafts and play. Scrap Antics collects and stores the used items from many different businesses and organisations. Their customers can then browse the store before purchasing and reinventing the items’ use.

In saving the used items from landfill, Scrap Antics’ customers can recycle and construct new purposes for imaginative products.

Signs for Dundee social enterprise

Entrance doors artwork created by Louise Kirby

Creative Recycling

With an ever increasing itinerary and plans for artists’ studio spaces, Scrap Antics required new signage for their buildings.

Sandy and Siobhan who founded the business were both keen to explore ideas for a new and consistent visual identity. A new business logo would begin to help the expanding social enterprise through their signage, printed products and garments.

In discussions and researching how to pose the core service as a standalone image, the tagline ‘Creative Recycling’ was introduced.

This inspired the logomark concept. Many iterations of the mark was made before the infinite loop of the green heart combined with a modified ‘S’ and ‘A’ was selected. Evoking feelings of care for our environment, togetherness and reinvention, the mark was a simple symbol which portrays Scrap Antics’ purpose.

Social enterprise signmaker from Dundee

A logo for growth

Such a strong and recognisable mark had to pair with lettering which would inject fun into the identity. Both Sandy and Siobhan encouraged this energy in their business approach. The font was chosen for it’s playfulness and modified to allow future use for different versions.

Logo artwork files were provided along with stationery designs and exterior wall signs. Tee-shirts adorned the new image as well as Scrap Antics’ social channels and website. Rolling out the new face of the business over several weeks, the awesome response helped bolster the business identity and advertise their services.

This was a successful design project which also aided Sandy and Siobhan in the forward strategy of their enterprise. One which will continue to promote and convey their important message for us all.

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