KJ Joinery

Designing a logo for tradespeople

Late in 2018, Kris and Jordan wanted van lettering for their two Transits. With no previous livery design and without a logo, they possessed the outline of an idea. The idea was to combine K and J into a badge which was developed into an unmistakable logo design.

KJ Joinery improve homes and garden spaces. Their typical customers are middle income families who wish to replace their doors, windows and kitchens. These are the types of joinery services which were most profitable and were chosen to promote on their vans.

We met on several occasions to discuss what was important to their customers. As well as the type of work that they wanted to do more of. Talking openly about how they felt in presenting themselves to customers, helped me to understand the direction for their visual branding.

Developing the initials idea

The partners wanted to show creativity through their visual identity and appeal to like minded customers. In addition to a minimal colour palette, it was clear that they wanted to push the initials, K and J. Inspired by motorsport graphics, the design also had to compliment their vans which were in mint condition.

Through sketching many combinations of the initials, K and J, I kept returning to the shape that was made between them. This negative space interested me. Seeing a dovetail joint somewhere in there, I adapted the letters to create a hint of woodworking. In doing so, the initials now had more meaning.

Adding an outline around the initials strengthened the image. The logo was beginning to come to life and simple, legible text was used for the name. Both partners had initially opted for no lettering on their vans – just the K and J. However, it was important for the purpose of the van lettering to advertise who they were and what they did.

Building a visual brand

Designing logos for tradespeople can be challenging. Researching who their competitors are and how they present themselves is crucial, to avoid creating similar visual designs.

The KJ Joinery logo stood apart from competitors and complimented the vans which the logo was applied to. A business cards design was also provided in addition to banners for social media platforms. Artwork files were supplied in various formats for reproducing the logo onto garments too. All of these began to build the visuals for a recognisable brand and helped the partners appeal to their target market.

I create logos for tradespeople who want to present themselves professionally. Get in touch to discuss how I can help you.