Venture Fitness

Logo for fitness trainer

A logo design for a start up requires forward thinking for visual branding. Mock ups were used to illustrate how the logo would appear.

Getting fit outdoors

A new outdoors fitness service; Venture Fitness wanted to provide a different approach to personal training.

The two partners spotted a gap in the market in north east Scotland for training groups and small teams with outdoors exercise. This involved hillwalking, endurance training and hiking in the Scottish glens.

The target market was 25-40 years old, middle income individuals. Couples and corporate groups were already enlisted and the partners were interested in exploring branding. Their strategy was to appeal to those who wanted to try a different training regime from indoor gyms, and common one to one personal trainers.

Flag supplier in Dundee

Logo in motion

The brief was to design a sporty and energetic logo which would be used predominantly on outdoors fitness apparel. Drinks bottles, headbands and soft signage such as flags were discussed. The soft signage would be used for markers when out training and racing.

The logo design concept emphasised motion and modelled on the ‘F’ from fitness. Different from their closest competitors’ visual identities, the Venture Fitness logomark is immediately recognisable and is inspired by sportswear brands.

The ‘F’ mark conveys fitness whilst showing movement and progress. Paired with a condensed type for strength and legibility at small size, the logo is easily identified and lends its elements to patterns.

Logo designer for small business

Venturing forward

Designed with foresight for appearing on neutral palettes, the colour choice hints silver and can stand alone in both black and pale greys.

With momentum, the visual identity would be rolled out further onto garments, online for a website and social channels, as well as an app for members. In planning the logo design with the business’ growth strategy, the logo would soon become the foundation for a visual identity system. This meant that the design could be easily managed and maintained by the partners, thus saving costs.

Artwork files in various formats were provided along with colour references and a short logo guide. Helping the partners to control how the visual identity would be replicated across all of the different applications.

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