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Logo Design

The value of original logo design

Your potential customers are more likely to select a business, who present themselves professionally. A unique logo design will help. Appearing on signage and vehicles, as well as your presence online.

A logo design that has a symbolic association with you; your business’ name; your service; your product and your values will be most effective. This can be represented through letterforms, words, imagery or a combination.

Your logo becomes an asset when consistently applied throughout your visual branding. Breeding familiarity, trust and increasing your brand recognition. A well researched and considered design is crucial in setting you apart from competitors. As well as benefitting your business strategy.

I design logos which are:
  •  Legible – clearly read and distinguishable.
  •  Recognisable – differentiating your visual identity from similar businesses.
  •  Memorable – communicating a design to your audience, which has a relation to you, your service or product.
  •  Versatile – a logo design or family of logo designs, which can be easily applied to your visual branding.
  •  Timeless – an identity which will not appear ‘on-trend’ but rather, one which can be complimented and refined.
  •  Scalable – graphics which will not diminish in quality, however large they are increased in size.
Logo design for businesses and organisations

Predominantly, I create logos for small to medium enterprises. The primary purpose of these logos are for vehicles and signage.

Once approved, the completed logo files are provided in various formats with guidelines for reproduction by third parties. This ensures that your logo and any accompanying visual assets are applied correctly throughout the mediums on which they appear. You can then implement your business or organisation’s visual branding consistently.

Have a look at these successful logo projects, then contact me to discuss your business’ identity.