Logo Design

Logo design in Dundee

Looking for a logo designer in Dundee?

Someone who can help you start your brand?

I design logos which are:

  •  Legible – clearly read and free of clutter.
  •  Distinctive – making your business stand out amongst your competitors.
  •  Relevant – relating the logo concept to your business’ name, service or product.
  •  Versatile – a design which works across all mediums.
  •  Timeless – not appearing ‘on-trend’ but rather, one which can be complimented and refined.
  •  Scalable – graphics which will not diminish in quality, however large they are increased in size.

When your logo is applied consistently throughout your visual branding, it breeds familiarity and trust. Your logo becomes an asset. Increasing the recognition of your business and setting you apart from similar businesses.

Visual identities

Most often, I create logos and graphics for small to medium businesses. Logos for new identities on signs and vehicles in and around Dundee. The logos I design are functional and created for use across all applications.

Through research, I sketch logo ideas until I’m happy with a concept. I’ll then send you my design proposal before making any necessary amendments. You can find out more about how I work, by visiting here.

Once you approve the design, the completed logo files are provided in various formats with guidelines for reproduction by third parties. This ensures that your logo and any accompanying graphics are applied consistently. On all platforms where they’ll appear.

Needing help with your logo design in Dundee?

Take a look at the projects below then contact me to find out more.