Products Guide

Looking for a signage company in Dundee who can design, manufacture and install a wide range of signs and graphics?From adhesive labels to dimensional, illuminated structures. Read more about the range of products by clicking on the highlighted categories.

Acrylic signs

Acrylic Signs Dundee

Acrylic sheet material is a rigid plastic which is manufactured in a wide range of colours, finishes and thicknesses. Commonly known as Perspex, it can be an ideal option for sign panels, cut out shapes and letters as well as interesting transparent backgrounds for photo imagery and safety screens.

Aluminium tray signs



Tray Signs Dundee

Tray sign products are commonly folded panels of aluminium composite. One side is v-cut near each edge and the four edges are folded inward to make a box-like sign with sides. Tray signs are fixed with angles inside and benefit from no visible fixings on the face of the sign. Learn more here.



Ideal for short term events and promotions, banners can be made at almost any size. PVC, mesh material and softer fabrics can be used in combination with poles and frames for hanging or freestanding. Banners are most often digitally printed and can have perimeter eyelets and strengthened edges.


Using either blackboard paint or blackboard vinyl can transform most surfaces into areas for writing with chalk or liquid chalk pens. Especially useful for pavement signs and noticeboards which advertise regularly changed information.

Built-up letters

Sticking Out Letters Dundee

Built-up letters are mainly fabricated from acrylic, aluminium and stainless steel. The letters have edges (returns) and can be wet or powder coated in almost any colour with matt or gloss finishes. As well as face or edge illuminated with LEDs for extra effect.

Car graphics

Car Graphics Dundee

Accentuate the shape and colour of your car or advertise your business with a variety of options. There are subtle and impactful ways to improve the car’s look or convey your message. Vinyl can most often be removed with care and leave no visible marks. Learn more here.

Car roof signs

Car Roof Signs Dundee

Attached to the vehicle with large magnets, roof sign products are useful for non-permanent car signage. The signs can be spray painted too before applying graphics or lettering. Removable car signs are ideal for driving instructors, delivery drivers and passenger vehicles.


Chevrons supplier Dundee

Used amongst emergency and roadside vehicles, escort vehicles and heavy plant, chevrons are available as reflective as well as fluorescent. High visibility colours for chevrons are essential for Chapter Eight regulations and useful for warning and safety signage.

Coach painting

Coachpainting Dundee

Brush painting of lorries, buses, coaches and vintage vehicles is sought after for restoration projects. Brush painting large vehicles can be a cost efficient alternative to spray painting, especially when restoring the authenticity of older models. Find out more here.


Displays Dundee

Signmaking methods, graphics materials and sign products can provide alternative and cost efficient interior and exterior displays. Especially important for compact spaces, display products can be designed and fabricated for lightweight transport and reuse.

Exhibition graphics

Exhibition Lettering Dundee

Cut vinyl lettering for smooth and textured surfaces is available in an expansive choice of colours and finishes. In addition to printed adhesive graphics and labels as well as social distancing signs and notices for indoor and outdoor spaces. Read more about exhibition graphics here.

Fascia signs

Fascia Signs Dundee

Fabricated from an array of substrates in almost any size. Fascia sign products can be shaped, framed, chisel-edged, curved and dimensional. Fixings can be concealed or disguised and attached to many different surfaces. Find out more here.

Flat-cut signage

Flat Cut Letters Dundee

Flat-cut (or routered) refers to the method of routing substrates into a shape. The cut out shapes (such as letters and logos) can then be elevated with packers or stand-off fixings which create depth and shadow upon a surface. Especially impressive when paired with back-lit, LED lighting.

Floor Graphics

Exterior floor signs supplier in Dundee

Selecting the correct material for the surface is essential to the life term of floor graphics. Available for application to smooth and textured surface such as interior carpets and exterior concrete or tarmac, the graphics are also available with a selection of anti slip laminates. Learn more about slip ratings.

Fleet livery

Fleet Graphics Dundee

Consistency in style and messaging is essential for vehicle fleet livery. Forward planning and choice of materials can help in adapting your vehicle livery to most vehicles and plant. Find out more.

Freestanding signs

Freestanding Signs Dundee

Signs on poles and frames can be fabricated in many materials. From timber batons and plywood to steel, illuminated structures. Choosing the right materials for the sign’s objectives are as important as understanding who the reader is. Read more about signs here.

Gold leaf

Gold Leaf Dundee

There are imitations but nothing matches the brilliance of real gold leaf. Make your signs and lettering dazzle by choosing traditional hand lettering and a golden finish. Available for all painted signs and vehicles. Read more about gold leaf lettering here.

Hand painted signs

Hand painted signs in Dundee

Traditional signwriting can inject character into your lettering as well as enhancing your message. Hand lettering is also ideal for vintage vehicles, large exterior wall lettering and murals. Find out more about signwriting and learn how to do it here.

Hanging signs

Hanging sign supplier in Dundee

Effective for grabbing attention and providing direction in busy streets. Hanging sign products are also especially useful when there is little or no shopfront. Brackets can be bespoke and panels are fabricated so as to avoid screw fixings through the faces.

Health and safety signs

Health and Safety Signs Dundee

Mandatory for most construction sites, fire protection and social distancing; health and safety signs can be made to include your business’ visual identity. This removes the generic look of off-the-shelf H&S signs. Finishes can also be reflective or luminescent.

Honours boards

Honours Boards Dundee

Custom made honours boards are most often fabricated from oak veneered plywood and hardwood edged. These can be wood stained and varnished with a choice of vinyl, paint or gold leaf lettering. Honours boards can also be made in solid colour backgrounds. Find out more.


Labels Dundee

Most often printed for large quantities and small information, vinyl labels can be cut to almost any shape. Whether temporary and removeable or permanent for exterior use, there is a material which will meet your criteria. Also available in reflective and photo luminescent finishes for darker environments.

Lorry graphics

Lorry Graphics Dundee

For single vehicles or fleets; either hand lettered or vinyl. Even partially wrapped cabs and panels. There is a solution which will advertise your business or compliment the look of your lorry. Find out more here.

Magnetic signs

Magnetic Signs Dundee

Magnetic film is an off the roll, flexible material which can have vinyl or paint applied to it. Especially useful for removeable signage on vehicles, the magnetic film can also be shaped for extra impact.


Mural Painter in Dundee

Brush painted murals are a fantastic way to attract attention. Whether for advertising your services or shouting a positive message. Rough and textured surfaces can be painted with your visual branding too, to help rejuvenate tired and neglected areas.

Pavement signs

Pavement Signs Dundee

From wooden A-frames to illuminated freestanding units, pavement signs can quickly return their investment. An excellent choice for grabbing the attention of passers-by, consider including a blackboard to provide changeable messages.


Printed signs

Printed Graphics Dundee

Printed imagery and lettering can provide an almost endless array of signage possibilities. Glass, textured surfaces and floors can be transformed with high quality graphics. Selecting the right material for the project is vital. Contact me to discuss how I can help.

Projecting signs

Projecting Signs Dundee

Used extensively for shops, restaurants and hotels, projecting signs can rise above the rest of street signage. Especially effective when illuminated for grabbing attention on busy streets. Read more about signs here.

Reflective markings

Reflective vinyl in Dundee

Reflective vinyl is mandatory for many vehicles which work in hazardous environments. Understanding the capabilities of the reflective films and their lifespans is critical in choosing the right material for the project. Contact me to discuss how I can help.

Shop signs

Shop Signs Dundee

Considering the size, location, message and style for your shop signs, will help in communicating to your customers. As well as establishing a budget for the project. Read how to determine the most suitable sign product to achieve your objectives.

Stand-off fixings

Sign fixings dundee

Compliment panels and displays by choosing fixings which will add interest and enhance the appearance of your signs. Available in a range of sizes and finishes, stand-off fixings conceal screws within cylindrical barrels. These are a clever and inexpensive option to disguise screwheads.


Sign panels Dundee

Substrates is the term used for rigid sign materials. There are several common sheet materials which are widely used in signmaking, as well as bespoke products which can add more interest.

Van graphics

Van Graphics Dundee

One of the most cost efficient advertisements for most tradespeople and business, van graphics can quickly return the investment. Choosing what to say and how to present it is important. Read more about vehicle graphics here.

Vinyl lettering

Vinyl Lettering Dundee

From upwards of approximately 4mm and suitable for a huge range of surfaces and environments, vinyl lettering is available in many colours, effects and finishes. Get in touch to discuss your next vinyl lettering project.

Wall lettering

Wall Lettering Dundee

Whether in paint, vinyl or cut-out letters in a variety of substrates, wall lettering can embellish almost any interior and exterior space. Grab attention with style and get in touch to discuss how your walls can be transformed.


An excellent choice for interior signs which require regularly changed information. Whiteboards can be customised with your logo and detailed with the sign’s purpose.

Window films

Window Films Dundee

Popular for privacy, UV protection, safety and decoration; window films are available as opaque colours or semi transparent finishes. Including mirror finishes, perforated one-way vision and digitally printed images.

Window graphics

Window Graphics Dundee

Utilise your windows as signs. An alternative and often less expensive method to communicate your message to passers by and motorists. or a subtle way to decorate and enhance your interior environment.