Vehicle Graphics

Your vehicle graphics in Dundee and the surrounding areas will be noticed every day.

Will your message be effective?

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Advertise your business

Advertisements are everywhere. Too much to take on board.

Millions of vehicle graphics on our roads and lots of information. With countless competing messages in a multitude of colours and finishes.

Your vehicle may be your only advertisement. Seen by thousands of people every day. It can be a powerful tool to convey your business’ identity and attract your audience.

Whether you own a single vehicle or a fleet, use your graphics wisely.

If you have an established visual identity, viewers may recognise your words, style, or colours. If you don’t have a consistent visual identity, it’s time to implement one.

Van graphics in Dundee
Van graphics in Dundee, for Panmure Joinery

Read at speed

If you’re thinking of using your vehicle to promote your product, service, or organisation, there are several matters to consider.

  • What do you want the reader to understand?
  • How can this be communicated clearly?
  • How long do you think the reader will have to grasp your message?
  • Whereabouts will the vehicle travel regularly?

Drivers or passengers may have time to read the entire message on the first view. Or those same readers may gradually comprehend the information over several viewings.

Some may not read the message at all. So how can your vehicle succeed like a moving billboard?

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Being selective

Don’t complicate your message. Choose the most important information to display. Who you are. What you do. How to get in touch.

If you can clearly communicate your message with a single image, use it.

Promote what you want more of. If you provide an in-demand service or a popular product, sell it. Some tradespeople are multi-skilled with more than one service to offer. Likewise, some businesses supply numerous products. Too much information is hard to read at once. Select what suits your long term strategy the most.

Include the address of your shop or showroom. But be concise. Long and multiple phone numbers, as well as e-mail addresses, can clutter the design. Consider how the reader will use this information.

Direct the reader to your website or social media channel. The reader then has more time to digest all of what you have to offer.

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Compliment the shape

Plastic bodyguards through logos are never a good look. An experienced designer, signmaker, or vehicle wrapper will design your message to suit the shape of your vehicle.

Most modern vehicles have lots of curves, contours, and recesses. These can be detrimental to the legibility and placement of lettering. Avoiding obstacles such as handles and sliding door channels is a good idea.

If you have multiple vehicles which are different models, consider how the design will transfer onto each. Can the design be adapted to suit various shapes of vehicles?

Decorative graphics and stripes can accentuate the vehicle shape. Subtle pinstriping can also soften the expanse of larger commercial vehicles. In contrast, graphics can also scream out for attention. Both options can be part of your plan to attract more eyes to your message.

Choosing colours

Not all vehicle finishes can be paired legibly with your preferred colour scheme. This is especially important when considering the purchase of a new vehicle. Will the colour fit with your established identity? Can you adapt your previous design to suit a new background colour?

Metallic and pearlescent finishes are particularly tricky. Depending on the viewing angle, solid colours may not contrast or seem visible at all on metallic backgrounds. This is due to the way light reflects off of the glimmering surface.

Outlines, drop shadows and other effects can be added to increase legibility. However, caution is necessary. Additional graphics and colours can overdo the design.

Make sure that the colours selected can be read on your vehicle. Ask for a sample and see for yourself.

Van lettering in Forfar
Van lettering in Forfar, for Alan Mackay

Understanding materials

Nowadays, the vast majority of vehicle graphics are vinyl. Whether cut vinyl shapes or entire vehicle wraps, there’s a huge range of vinyl with varying attributes.

Knowing which materials are suitable and where to source them requires diligence. As well as understanding their lifespan and cost. It’s wise to consider how long you intend to keep the vehicle as this may influence your decision on the materials which are used.

When matching to a specific colour, digitally printed vinyl may have to be used. This involves printing ink onto an ink-receptive vinyl before laminating. This method is used for photographs, gradients, and bevelled effects, to name only a few.

Not all adhesive films are permanent nor manufactured for exterior environments. Moulding over vehicle curves and contours demands a material that can be pliable yet robust. This is especially important for large graphics.

Van wrapping in Dundee
Van graphics in Broughty Ferry, for Cluaran Electrics

Vehicle wraps

Full and partial wraps are a popular choice for vehicle advertising. Borne out of signmaking, vehicle wrapping is an industry in itself. Advancements in vinyl wrapping films are continuous. An understanding of how to use them is essential.

Depending on the size of the vehicle and the wrapped area covered, the vehicle can be off the road for several days. There’ll likely be downtime and associated costs, especially if you own multiple vehicles. It’s wise to set a budget for this. As well as realising that any potential bodywork damage will mean replacing the vinyl on that area of the vehicle.

Most importantly, the wrap design must clearly communicate your message.

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Van lettering and reflective graphics in Arbroath

Vehicle safety markings

Many highway maintenance, roadside assistance, and escort vehicles legally require high visibility markings. As well as HGVs and some plant machinery.

The complexities of which are outlined in the Department of Transport’s chapter 8 regulations.

With attention, the safety markings can be incorporated into the vehicle livery whilst also including your message. This can be achieved with available panel areas and the integration of high visibility vinyl within the design.

You can learn more about fluorescent and reflective materials here.

Tanker graphics in Dundee
Vinyl lettering applied to painted green background on a tanker in Dundee

Road Haulage

Tippers, tankers, and trailers can act as moving billboards. Seen by potentially millions of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians every year.

By using the expanse of the panel area for advertising and the route often driven, hauliers can even rent these spaces for additional revenue. Or in a contract with the supplier of the goods, the products hauled can also be advertised.

Connecting the cab livery to the graphics on the trailer gels the hauliers visual identity. When graphics are sensibly placed on different models of a cab, they can also connect universally with the adjoining graphics on the trailer.

Consistency throughout the fleet is crucial for implementing a hauliers visual identity. This can be achieved by planning the design and sensible use of the cab shapes.

Bus graphics in Dundee
Vinyl lettering and graphics for Xplore Dundee’s double decker

Buses and coaches

Recognisable identities for buses and coaches are essential for their waiting passengers. Especially for a fleet of different sized buses.

Implementing an adaptable graphics system when designing for a fleet of passenger vehicles is wise. This is evident on large national fleets of service buses. Colours and shapes are immediately recognised at a distance on varying vehicle sizes.

There is also potential revenue when using the passenger vehicles for advertising. Planning the vehicle livery around advertising panel spaces will avoid the livery clashing with the advert.

Plant graphics in Dundee
Vinyl graphics in Dundee for Paterson’s shredder

Plant machinery

Plant vehicles and construction machinery can also be part of the fleet livery.

By establishing the colours, messaging and style, each vehicle can continue to carry the design or adapted version of the livery. Read how this was implemented when the machinery above was colour changed and lettered for Patersons Skip Hire.

Vintage Vehicles

Older treasures and display models can also be restored with care and attention. Take a look to see how refurbishments for Harry Lawson and the award winning, Leyland National single decker restored them both to former glory. Coach painting and hand lettering were applied to rejuvenate these older vehicles.

Vehicle graphics in Dundee and the northeast of Scotland will attract your audience. Get in touch to find out more.