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With attention to detail, I can create lettering, graphics and logos which will attract and engage your audience.

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Barry Robertson

Attract your audience

Hand lettering

Established since 1988 as a signwriter in Dundee, and still swingin’ brushes on vintage vehicles, buildings, and bespoke projects. Add craft to your signs for a traditional or contemporary look. With lots of character, choose from a huge selection of colours and finishes, including 23 carat gold leaf.


From small adhesive labels to comprehensive sign systems, choosing the most suitable method to display your message is important. My expertise helps you to present yourself professionally and with peace of mind. I provide rational advice on how to manufacture and install an array of signage, with honest dialogue to suit your budget.

Vehicle graphics

I focus on designing vehicle graphics which are legible, memorable and consistent. Whether you wish to grab attention and set yourself apart, or simply compliment the style of your vehicle. Using high performance materials, I regularly apply graphics to multiple fleets as well as lettering sole vehicles.

Logo design

Through research and logic, I understand how to begin your branding and create your business identity. By regularly studying and designing logos for diverse industries and sectors, I can help you to present a distinctive and cohesive image. Enabling your recognition across vehicles, signs, marketing materials and online.

Case Studies

Take a look at a variety of projects and learn how I can help your business.

Logo design

Much more than a signwriter in Dundee, I create visual identities for effective and memorable advertising.

Learning about your business, target audience and competitors helps me to build a picture for the brand that you can construct. The consistent use of your visual branding can then be applied to your vehicle, signs and many other applications.

I design logos for small to medium enterprises who choose to present themselves professionally. Logos which are easily identifiable, adaptable and timeless.

Take a look at some examples then contact me to discuss how a logo can help your business or organisation.

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Who I am

A son of a signwriter, I grew up painting and hand lettering vehicles which nurtured in me a lifelong interest for lettering and graphic design. My enthusiasm for hand lettering evolved into a passion for typography which I continue to study today. In April 2019, I initiated a project called Outdoors Type. A community focused enterprise which promotes hand lettering and positive vibes.

I also enjoy learning philosophy and reading about psychology which influences how I think in my life and career.

By regularly collaborating with creatives in Dundee, I have a keen interest in networking to experience and promote the city. I also enjoy travelling beyond, meeting open minded people and try to be a positive contributor to help mould our culture.

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